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Geography Program School of Post Graduates

Doctorate Program Profile

The Geography Education Doctoral Study Program was established on June 17, 2014 based on the Directorate of Higher Education Decree No. SK No. 4350 / UN40 / HK / 2014.

The idea to establish a Geography Education Doctoral Program was delivered by a number of lecturers in the Department of Geography Education, UPI, as well as The Head of the Geography Education Department at the time, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dede Rohmat, M.T.. The main consideration was the adequate competency of the lectures at the department and the interest of geography education master graduates to continue the study to the doctoral level. At that time, tertiary institutions providing geography education at doctoral program were limited only at Malang State University. Through several efforts, finally, the Doctoral Program of Geography Education was successfully established on June 17, 2014 with the issuance of the Higher Education Decree No. 4350 / UN40 / HK / 2014.

Regarding the accreditation rank, when it was first accredited in 2014, the program got B with Decree No. 4350 / UN40 / HK / 2014. As a new study program that did not have many graduates, this ranking was considered quite well. 

The field of Doctoral Program of Geography Education consists of philosophy of science, geographic educational theory, pedagogic competencies, geographic scientific content (such geography education, theory, approach and principle; visualization; geographic information utilization, evaluation and comparative method, etc). Thus, the graduates of Doctoral Program of Geography Education will have a competency as professional educators (teacher, lecture), researchers, and educational practitioners (trainers, consultants, etc).

The program also continually builds partnership and network with governmental institution (regional government, Bapeda, BIG) and other universities (UGM, UI). The program also makes relationship with MGMP (Geography Teacher Forum) to get a feedback on the given services. Indonesia Geograhical Association (IGI) and P3GI are the professional organization to increase students’ professionalism as a geography teacher. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with national or international institution is also made through universities or post-graduate school parties.