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Geography Program School of Post Graduates

Master Program Profile

The master program of geography education was established on April 6, 2010 based on the Directorate of Higher Education Decree No. SK 2293 / H40 / DT / 2010. The idea to establish this program was delivered by a number of lecturers in the Department of Geography Education, UPI. The first consideration was the need for undergraduate Geography Education alumni to continue their studies to the master level. At that time, tertiary institutions providing master level of geography education were only at Malang State University. The other consideration was the adequate capability and competency of human resources in the Department of Geography Education to open master level.

The Head of the Geography Education Department at the time Drs. Dede Sugandi, M.Sc assigned Prof. Dr. Ir. Dede Rohmat, MT and Iwan Setiawan, S.Pd., M.Sc to write a proposal and prepare the establishment of the program. Master program of Geography Education was then opened in 2010, which is currently known as Geography Education Study Program

 University Accreditation Rank of the Geography Education Master Program in 2013 was B, with Decree No. 006 / SK / BAN-PT / AK-XV / M / I / 2013. The head of study program at that time was Prof. Dr. Ir. Dede Rohmat, MT.  The accreditation rating was then improved to A in 2017, with Decree Number 845 / SK / BAN-PT / accredited / M / III / 2018. The head is Prof. Dr. Enok Maryani, MS.

The number of students in this program is varied in each year, from 12 up to 41 students or 27 students on average. This number increases over the time. Most of the students are undergraduate geography education alumni coming from UPI or other universities. The graduates of Master Program of Geography Education have competencies to be educator, researchers, and practitioners in the geographic education field. As educators, most of them work as teachers or lecturers.

The research topics in this program are grouped into pedagogical aspect and geographic substance. The first topic is reflected through education courses, such as curriculum development, learning model and media, curriculum evaluation, etc. The second topic is presented to the courses namely water resource management, land resource management, remote sensing and geographic information system, etc. The expertise of this study program is on geography education. The program also continually builds partnership and network with associations in education field, such as P3G1, Indonesian Geographical Association (IGI), and a number of other professional associations. In the case of professional associations, partnerships with government agencies and institution have been developed.